So we've finished your album and now you are wondering "what's next???"

"Do I start doing shows? Do I contact radio stations? Do I need to do a photoshoot for promo? Ohh wait! what about a music video??? Do I give away my CD? Do I shop record labels? Do people still listen to CDs? Do I need a street team?? Should I sell merch?" The questions go on and on!

The biggest question is...

How can I make a living doing music??!?" 

Let us answer all those questions for you!
Believe it or not, there are people in this world (and on our team!) who are extremely passionate about making your dreams a reality! 

Let us bEAR the weight of the world so you can play to it!

If you'd like Westech Media to take over Marketing, Advertising, PR, Sales, and Brand Management PLEASE contact us!

That being said, We are NOT a record label!!! We won't shelve your blood, sweat, and tears or pigeon hole you into a contract that you can't break. We believe in bringing quality music to the market and giving the world great stuff! So send us your album! We'll give it a listen and contact you for a FREE consultation!